Colligo NewsMicrosoft Office 365 Beta Released – Go Cloud!

Congratulations to Microsoft for . The buzz that we’re hearing about Office 365 is incredible and we’ve talked to a lot of customers who are looking at either moving totally to Office 365 or creating a hybrid environment with both on-premise and cloud-based SharePoint.

We’re really proud to have been the first company in our market to announce support for Office 365 and actually had Microsoft demonstrate Colligo Contributor working with Office 365 at the AIIM/Info360 conference in Washington, DC in March. The presentation showed how a user can move content to SharePoint libraries located on-premise or in the cloud from within the Outlook interface.

For organizations looking to move to Office 365 or to create a hybrid SharePoint environment, Colligo Contributor can really make the transition easy and virtually transparent to users. As Nishan DeSilva from Microsoft said during his presentation, “With Contributor, they (users) can drag and drop content to the cloud, without knowing that it”s in the cloud.”

It’s obvious that Microsoft Office 365 is going to be a game changer for organizations large and small, and

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