Colligo NewsInteresting Numbers On Mobility In Europe

During a Dell mobility conference in Europe last month, IDC put out some statistics about the mobile workforce in Europe:

“Mobility is an inevitable trend,” says Brown. “Currently, nearly 40% of the European workforce is mobile and this number will only increase. Although employers still seem a bit uncomfortable with this growth, the fact is their companies are expanding and becoming more global, therefore, the demands they have on employees are increasing. Working lives and private lives are changing and the boundaries are blurring.”

That’s a real, live trend folks, if I’ve ever seen one. Of course this is great news for the hardware manufacturers (the Dells, Toshibas, and RIMs of the world) that make the gadgets that power the mobile warriors. But digging a bit deeper, there’s clearly something brewing here for software providers that are supporting the mobile workforce.

I bet that the number of European workers who were truely mobile 10 years ago was probably

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