Colligo NewsILTA SharePoint Symposium 2012 – Colligo Recap

Colligo recently exhibited at the ILTA SharePoint Symposium in Lombard, IL. The event was an opportunity for law firms to share best practices around SharePoint. SharePoint deployments are spreading and becoming more and more complex in legal circles so the symposium covered a range of topics from cloud and mobility to records and project management to KM and client collaboration. Here is the event program.

From a Colligo perspective, the feedback on our iPad app for SharePoint was terrific. Lawyers are causing massive BYOD (bring your own device) headaches for IT at law firms, and I am optimistic that Colligo will be able to help. Our Allens Arthur Robinson (AAR) Case Study was well received.

Richard Harbridge, SharePoint expert and evangelist, gave a great keynote speech the first day on future-proofing your SharePoint strategy. He is quite a dynamic speaker and it was a pleasant surprise to learn that he hails from Brantford, Ontario! (I am from Paris, Ontario, which is a small town right beside the metropolis of Brantford.) Richard’s advice was practical, based on real world examples, and emphasized the value of understanding the business problems you are trying to address before you start.

Microsoft’s Nishan De Silva and Sheryl Nolan provided the keynote speech on Day 2, and it is great to have a premier customer evangelizing their use of our product. As always, Nishan and Sheryl had a healthy mix of live demonstration in their presentations so the audience got a chance to see their environment. The Legal and Corporate Affairs department at Microsoft has really started to take a leadership position in the industry, by sharing their internal experiences and coming to the table as a member of the community which is great to see.

The ILTA group put on a great show. These smaller events are an excellent opportunity to meet and socialize with firms and other vendors in the legal space. Thanks to all who organized, and Larry Kuhn for getting us involved.

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