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We’ve had a very busy couple months, attending a number of conferences and events all across the country. We were at the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Technology Conference in Las Vegas, and the Office and SharePoint 2010 launch events  in cities all over North America. Next week we’ll be in New Orleans for Tech-Ed 2010  and I’m sure that SharePoint 2010 will be a hot topic in the sessions and among the attendees.

SharePoint 2010 was definitely top of mind at the AIIM Expo that we also attended last month in Philadelphia. In fact, a whole conference track was devoted to SharePoint 2010 and included presentations from a number of high level Microsoft people (including our next webinar guest speaker Ryan Duguid and our past webinar guest speaker Tricia Bush) as well as from customers who had deployed SharePoint 2010 in their organizations.

One of the most interesting presentations was given by Nishan DeSilva who is Microsoft’s Director of Information Management and Compliance. Nishan’s presentation was titled:  “Eating Our Own Dog Food: Insights to the SharePoint 2010 Strategy within Microsoft Legal & Corporate Affairs.” In the presentation, Nishan outlined how Microsoft’s legal and corporate affairs department is leveraging SharePoint 2010 to address corporate compliance while empowering users to get their work done.

At one point in his presentation, Nishan talked about how Microsoft was planning to deploy Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook. At the end of the talk he was giving away some Microsoft swag, and one of the questions he asked the audience was:  “We plan to use a third party application in this deployment, can anyone remember what it is?”

To which a resounding “Colligo!” echoed through the hall!

That’s right folks, Microsoft has chosen to purchase Colligo as part of their legal and corporate affairs department’s SharePoint 2010 deployment!

Of course, we can’t be happier to have Microsoft as both a customer and a partner.  As an important side note, the legal and corporate affairs department’s SharePoint 2010 deployment is being used as the model for deploying SharePoint 2010 throughout Microsoft, hence the “Eating Our Own Dog Food” title to Nishan’s presentation.

Nishan is definitely no stranger to Colligo. Prior to moving to Microsoft, he was the Global Director, Records & Content Management at Watson Wyatt Worldwide (now Towers Watson). While at Watson Wyatt, he spearheaded the development and deployment of RecordsExcellence, a global records management system built on SharePoint 2010. As part of the enterprise wide deployment, Nishan once again chose Colligo Contributor as a critical part of the RecordsExcellence system. Colligo Contributor makes it easy for staff to move emails and files into RecordsExcellence and to ensure that these emails and files are properly tagged with metadata, for better findability and regulatory compliance. The added bonus is that Colligo Contributor helps drive adoption of RecordsExcellence and makes the staff more efficient and productive.

We’ve written a complete case study of the Watson Wyatt implementation that can be read here.

Nishan also made a presentation at the 2010 SharePoint Conference on RecordsExcellence and how Colligo is being used. The video presentation can be viewed here.

Also at the AIIM conference, Carey Bachman, the Corporate Records Manager at Towers Watson did a very interesting presentation on best practices for enterprise records management with SharePoint. Carey used their RecordsExcellence system to illustrate many of the points she was making regarding best practices and we are very grateful to her for highlighting the role of Colligo Contributor in the success of the RecordsExcellence deployment.  Thanks Carey!

So I’d like to thank Nishan and Carey for their continuing support, and invite any of our current and future customers to come and visit the Colligo booth at Tech-Ed 2010 in New Orleans (booth #324).  See you there!

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