Colligo NewsColligo Webinar: How Microsoft Is Using SharePoint 2010 & Colligo for ECM & Records Management

We are really pleased to be partnering again with Microsoft on another important webinar on September 21, 2010. This time, we’re working with Nishan DeSilva, Director of Information Management & Corporate Records Compliance on how

In this webinar, you”ll learn:

  • Microsoft”s LCA strategy for information/records management
  • How to easily move unstructured content & email in SharePoint
  • Tips for consistent classification & compliant retention policies
  • How Colligo facilitates email management in SharePoint
  • Ways to improve the user experience to drive adoption & compliance

Nishan will also provide some insights into Microsoft”s strategy for SharePoint 2010 and how SharePoint along with Colligo Contributor enables organizations to take ownership of their information assets.  This is going to be another great webinar and I encourage anyone who’s interested in using SharePoint 2010 for Enterprise Content Management or Records Management to attend.

Register today for this webinar .

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