Colligo NewsColligo Truth #4 – If you need to route emails and attachments to SharePoint, Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook can offer the capabilities of Managed Folders without the administrative overhead.

Happy Valentines Day! In our continuing series on email management in SharePoint, I wanted to expand on Joel Oleson’s last post on Managed Folders. Here I will present an alternative to Managed Folders that let’s you store emails directly in SharePoint – Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook.

Colligo Contributor reduces the IT administration required to manage the routing of email content to SharePoint since it enables users to set-up their own links between Outlook folders and document libraries in SharePoint, based on existing user permissions set SharePoint. Like Managed Folders, Colligo Contributor automatically extracts email properties and moves emails and attachments to SharePoint when users drag-and-drop them into a folder in their mailboxes. In addition, Contributor enables the users to tag content with custom metadata and choose content type at the time emails and attachments are moved to SharePoint – a feature that is not available through Managed Folders. This can reduce the workload for legal site administrators and ensure that the proper retention policies are applied to content at the time it is saved by the user.

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