Colligo NewsColligo Truth # 3 – Users can move emails and attachments, and their associated custom metadata and content types to SharePoint with a simple drag-and-drop. IT overhead is very low.

Happy New Year. We had a terrific 2008, thanks in part to the terrific growth of the SharePoint market. Let’s hope 2009 is even better. I came across an interesting article by Dan Holme (SharePoint MVP), where he collects some of the 2009 SharePoint predictions from fellow MOSS MVPs.

Meanwhile… we are continuing the series of posts on the “Myths and Truths of Email Management with SharePoint”. In his last post, Joel Oleson discussed some of the pifalls of using email enabled lists in SharePoint. I wanted to expand on that a little further.

While very powerful, email-enabled lists have some additional drawbacks that should be well understood before deploying them. These are described below:

  1. When an email is sent to an email-enabled list, attachments are stripped off and stored separately.
  2. The email body is stored as a .EML file, which cannot be opened in Outlook.
  3. Users cannot specify different content types.
  4. Users cannot specify custom metadata.

Colligo Contributor is an easy-to-deploy and manage .NET client Add-In for Outlook that enables users to move content to SharePoint through a simple drag-and-drop interface. It stores emails and attachments together in a single .MSG file, which can be opened in Outlook. Both content types and custom metadata can be set at the time of drag-and-drop. In addition, emails can be automatically moved to SharePoint using Outlook rules.

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