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No matter what you call it, hosted or cloud-based, are becoming increasingly popular for organizations that want to take advantage of the features and capabilities of SharePoint, but don”t want the overhead associated with managing an on-premise SharePoint installation. The benefits of cloud computing are many – lower hardware costs, simplified software deployment, and incredible scalability – to name a few.

With Microsoft”s recent announcement of Office 365 (the newest incarnation of BPOS, planned for rollout in 2011) and their renewed drive into the cloud computing market, organizations from large to small, will be looking at hosted or cloud based SharePoint as an alternative to on-premise.

The good news is that Colligo”s SharePoint technology is a 100% client-side application, and because of this unique differentiator, our solutions work seamlessly in any hosted or cloud-based SharePoint environment. This means customers can gain of all the benefits that hosted or cloud-based SharePoint offers, and still take advantage of Colligo Contributor”s additional features including offline access to SharePoint content, drag-and-drop capabilities for both emails and files, and automatic metadata capture.

Fernald Law Group is a law firm in southern California that wanted to base their operation on a cloud computing infrastructure, in order to reduce both the technical and administrative overhead of their information systems. They chose SharePoint Online (BPOS) to support their email and matter management needs, but found that the “out of the box” solution was missing some critical functionality that their lawyers and staff required to run the firm such as email management using “drag-and-drop” and offline SharePoint access. They turned to Colligo Contributor Pro to provide those capabilities.

We”ve completed case study with Brandon Fernald of Fernald Law Group, so you can read more about the issues they faced in deploying SharePoint BPOS and the advantages they gained by using Colligo Contributor Pro. In the case study, Brandon really sums things up well when he states: “By extending the capabilities of Microsoft BPOS with Colligo Contributor Pro, we have not only replicated, but surpassed the functionality of Interwoven FileSite, and have done it in a way that is much more cost-effective and easy to manage.”

Read the complete case study here.

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