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Today we released the Beta 3 for Colligo Contributor and Colligo Reader.

Last week, while I was at the MSD2D SharePoint Connection Conference in Orlando Florida, we officially announce the Free Colligo Reader product, so you may already have heard about that. More about the conference in a later post, suffice it to say it was well worth the trip.

Major changes in Beta 3 include:

  • Ability to selectively synchronize specific folders *within*
    a document library

CFS now allows users to synchronize only certain folders of document libraries, if desired. Full document library synchronization is still available. Users can right-click document libraries in the left list navigation pane and a menu will appear allowing them to choose between synchronizing the entire document library, specific folders or disabling synchronization altogether

  • Performance improvements.

Improved performance for known issues occurring when synchronizing and viewing lists and document libraries that contain more than 100 items. [edit:corrected text]

  • Fixed issue where renaming folders could result in sync errors

If you had renamed a folder and had also modified a file within that folder, it would take two syncs to transfer both changes to the server. On the first sync, the folder rename would succeed, but the file update would fail. On the second sync the file update would succeed. This issue has been resolved and now both changes are successfully transferred on the first sync.

  • Fixed issue where file size could be displayed incorrectly.

To start testing Beta 3 (0.9.18) go HERE. The updated documentation and Release Notes are also available there.

Cheers, Tony
Anthony A. van Houten
Senior Consultant, Applications
Colligo networks, Inc

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