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It was brought to my attention that I did not do a posting on the release of our Version 3.0 product line in March… Shame on me! It was actually a really big event and I forgot completely to put it in the blog. So for those of you that haven’t see it, here’s the scoop on Version 3.0. There’s a link at the bottom so you can request a trial for yourself.

Contributor Version 3.0 Just Released

Colligo Contributor™ is now a product line with Version 3.0! Contributor Client is a rich desktop application that provides a consistent SharePoint experience online and offline for mobile professionals. Contributor Add-In for Outlook® offers deep integration between SharePoint and Outlook interfaces, enabling email and document drag-and-drop for information workers. Colligo Contributor Pro includes both these interfaces to boost productivity, improve content management, and increase the number of documents and emails stored in SharePoint. Contributor SDK supports the development of custom clients for SharePoint.

Key enhancements in Contributor Pro Version 3.0 are highlighted below.


    • Outlook Folder Tree View   V3.0 features new tree view support for library folders. When a library is synchronized to the Contributor Add-In, a SharePoint folder hierarchy is added to the left navigation pane in Outlook. Users can easily add emails and documents to sub-folders – manually through drag-and-drop or automatically with rules.


    • List Support   SharePoint lists can now be synchronized to Outlook 2003 and 2007. Both custom and standard SharePoint lists can be accessed and modified from Outlook. List support is an IT configurable option – to ensure that the required 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 1 (SP1) is first installed.


    • Pending Synchronization Changes Pane   It’s now easy to review cached changes. Users can access the new Pending Synchronization Changes Pane to review or discard pending changes prior to the next synchronization event. When users opt to remove a pending change, the server version is retrieved on the next synchronization cycle.


    • French Language Support   If the underlying Window system has been installed with the Microsoft French language option, Contributor Pro will install and use the French language text option – voilà!


    • Software Development Kit for Customizations   Version 3.0 of Contributor Pro includes a .NET Application Programming Interface (API). By purchasing a Software Development Kit (SDK) from Colligo, your organization can now develop new custom client applications for SharePoint to meet your specific business requirements. Please contact to learn more.



Get your free 30-day trial today HERE

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