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Well, for my very first Blog post, being able to announce the Beta 2 release
of Colligo for SharePoint is pretty cool.

Our Beta 1 went really well, we had a good number of testers from all around
the world, from whom we gathered a great deal of tremendously useful feedback.
So to everyone who helped us out on the Beta 1 testing we give a hearty thanks!
We really appreciate the time you spent and the excellent quality of your feedback.

Over the years, I”ve been an inhabitant of a number of Forums, but this is my
first real blog experience and I guess partially I”m tring to see how useful a
part it can play in the beta cycle. Obviously with this in mind, my primary mission
on this blog will be to discuss and gather general feedback on Beta 2. At the
moment, I see this as an additional means/path to gather insight into what people’s
pains are with respect to SharePoint Offline as it relates to Beta 2 heading to
the 1.0 release. Gain insights into particular “Use Cases” that need
to be addressed, what features and functionality are useful to you and what you
would like to see added going forward. Usability is a big deal for me, so I”d
like to talk about that. I”d even like to blue sky concepts for later releases.

Hopefully, we can develop a bit of a community and have Users/Testers talk
to each other as well as to me about what they need with respect to SharePoint
Offline and Colligo.

If you would like to sign up for the Beta 2 testing you can do so by going

Best Regards, Tony
Anthony A. van Houten
Senior Consultant, Applications
Colligo Networks, Inc.

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