Colligo NewsColligo Contributor 1.0 and Colligo Reader 1.0 Released!

It’s official! Yes, they’re finally here Colligo Contributor 1.0 and Colligo Reader 1.0. We are very proud to announce their launch, Friday April 28, 2006. Thanks to the great work by the Colligo development team and the input and assistance of more the 300 beta testers it’s finally here. The last few weeks have been BUSY and now that we have 1.0 we can start working on the next release. The cycle never ends, but that’s the fun of software development. So past the hurdle and off to the next leg of the race….

On behalf of the Dev. team and myself, I would like to especially thank all the beta testers, a fantastic group of insightful, precise and articulate people. Thank you.

To get the Free Colligo Reader 1.0 go HERE.

To find out more about Colligo for SharePoint line of products go HERE.

Cheers, Tony
Anthony A. van Houten
Senior Consultant, Applications
Colligo networks, Inc

Tagged as: Colligo Contributor, SharePoint

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