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Although version 4.0 is a bit late, we’re pleased to announce that it’s ready for external beta testing. The wide range of operating systems and Microsoft Office configurations it is designed to support, coupled with the sophisticated twiddly-bits we put into Windows Explorer have delayed release a wee bit longer than expected due to final QA.

If you would like to request a beta copy of 4.0 for testing, please fill out the Colligo Contributor Pro Beta Request Form. Once we’ve had a chance to sift through the requests, we will send out copies of the beta code next week (week of August 10th). We will even provide a nifty online form for testers to provide their feedback quickly!

Note: the Beta is now closed, but you can trial the latest version of Contributor here.

Version 4.0 offers major feature enhancements, increases the extensibility of the Contributor platform and expands our product line.


Window Explorer Integration – Contributor File Manager exposes SharePoint Functionality through the well known Windows Explorer interface. Users may create, edit, and delete documents fully supporting Content Types defined in the SharePoint architecture. The Windows Explorer Integration extends the Explorer interface allowing users access to SharePoint features including Check-Out/Check-In and Metadata.

File Open/Save As – By exposing the SharePoint connection in Windows Explorer, SharePoint folders can be accessed from any application that uses the standard Windows File Open/Save dialog.

Attachment Upload Replace with Link – Contributor Attachment Manager extension to the Contributor Add-in makes it easy for a user to save their email attachments to SharePoint and send a link to the SharePoint item. Sending a link to the attachment reduces the network bandwidth consumed by both the email Sender and Recipients; reduces disk-quota space consumed in the email mail box; and helps maintain a single master version ensuring recipients are accessing the current version of the document at all times.

Send Rules for Attachments – Contributor Attachment Manager supports rules to restrict the ability to send emails with attachments. The standard rule can be configured to block sending emails with total attachment size larger than a configurable limit. Users are encouraged to use the ‘Attachment Upload Replace with Link’ feature to replace attachments with links to SharePoint items.

Custom Rules for Attachments – Enterprises may override the default ‘Send Rules for Attachments’. Rules may be designed to apply business rules specific to the business. Rules may reference the Email (recipients, subject, body, etc); the Attachments (Filename, Size, etc); or any other data source.

Drag and Drop Files and Folders between SharePoint Sites – Folder Drag-and-Drop allows you to recursively copy folders and their contents within a Document Library or to a new Document Library from an existing Document Library. Item metadata is retained during the operation. Optional metadata prompt is supported for folder drag-and-drop (including Custom Metadata Editor).

Drag and Drop Folders between Windows and SharePoint – Folder Drag-and-Drop allows you to recursively copy folders and their contents from a standard Windows folder to a Document Library. Office 2007 embedded metadata is maintained during the copy. Optional metadata prompt is supported for folder drag-and-drop (including Custom Metadata Editor).

Better Documentation and Updates – A new help guide makes it much easier to discover features and get the most out of Contributor. The check for update button will keep you up to date on new Contributor releases. You can also use this feature to determine if we have released any updates or critical enhancements.

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