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Ben Henderson

I recently attended an interesting event in London with a Colligo partner, Content and Code, titled: Building a Business Case for Cloud Computing. The presentations, however, covered more ground than just cloud computing and I’ve noted some of the key themes and takeaways from the event below:

Cloud computing is on everyone’s agenda. All CxO’s are talking about the cloud because it’s in all the newspapers, on the television, and they are discussing it with their colleagues on the golf course and with their kids at home. “Cloud” has become a ubiquitous business term that everyone is using and it’s something that all IT related businesses need to address.

Millennials (approx. 23-30 year olds) are expecting a much higher standard from their work environments. Their personal IT products are now better than the IT products they use at work and Millennials are finding ways around the barriers put up by IT departments in order to use their personal devices at work. They want to use their iPhones, iPads, etc. and they want a unified experience across all devices. Because of storage limitations, cloud computing is an important technology.

Cloud computing will force partners to change the way they do business with their clients. Due to the licensing model, partners can’t just appear every few years when the contract is up for renewal. Partners will need to have a much closer relationship with their clients because they will be remunerated from Microsoft on a monthly basis.

Security is the technical hot topic for all Software as a Service (SaaS) products and Office 365 is no exception. Microsoft seems to have ticked every box when it comes to their cloud offerings, but it is still an issue with clients as they try to get their heads wrapped around not having their data residing onsite.

These are just a few of my observations from a jam-packed morning of presentations. Thanks again to Content and Code for putting together a very interesting and engaging event.

Ben Henderson is Colligo’s Technical and SharePoint Consultant based in our UK office.

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