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This is my final post on 7 ways to get more from SharePoint. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to share some tips with readers of the blog. If you’d like to contact me directly, please do so through the contact form on my website.

We’ve previewed a lot of ground that you’ll need to cover in your race with SharePoint, but don’t become disheartened and retreat to the server room. This is where the real action is at … taking what Microsoft has made available in SharePoint and putting it to great use within your organization. Let’s summarize what we’ve looked at:

SharePoint is a broad-brushed platform technology from Microsoft to support many information worker processes in organizations. And it’s clearly important to Microsoft—given the centrality it’s taking in the Microsoft technology stack, and in the revenue that it’s bringing into Microsoft’s coffers.

The tremendous range of flexibility offered by SharePoint means that it can be melded to do many different things for an organization—which is good, and bad. If you walk into the bad territory, then SharePoint will quickly devolve into a chaotic and unmanageable environment that causes great grief and consternation.

There are some very specific activities that you can do now to get more from your SharePoint deployment, such as increasing your awareness of the business reasons for SharePoint at your organization and aligning what you do with SharePoint to those reasons; embracing the Seamless Teamwork approach to make SharePoint the authoritative place for people to work and collaborate; re-examining how business gets done in light of the new technology capabilities that SharePoint brings to the table, rather than just re-creating old ways of doing things with the new tool; and looking at how third-party tools can increase user adoption and team productivity.

Race well … looking forward to celebrating with you when you reach the finish line!

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