Colligo News7 Ways to Get More from SharePoint #7 – Consider 3rd Party Solutions to Increase Productivity

This is the next entry in my 7 part series on getting more from SharePoint now. My last post was on SharePoint governance. This time around, I’d like to look at increasing user productivity.

With SharePoint being a “platform-technology”, Microsoft has to decide which capabilities to support out-of-the-box, and which capabilities to leave for its business partners. One of the areas that SharePoint users benefit greatly from a third-party tool is addressed by Colligo Contributor. Contributor addresses two main ideas: the first is the provision of offline access to most SharePoint data (note that the wiki capabilities in a SharePoint site are not currently supported for offline editing in Contributor) for people working away from an Internet connection, and the second is for people who “live in SharePoint”, and therefore want a more responsive client application rather than using a Web browser. Contributor addresses both, and by lowering usability barriers, helps with increasing the adoption of SharePoint among your user base, and as a flow on effect, it helps with getting more content into SharePoint so it can be managed and shared.

In exploring the potential for Colligo Contributor to help your users, identify the people and groups who fit the two ideal profiles of Contributor users: those that are offline on a regular basis but still need access to their SharePoint sites, and those who work in SharePoint for a high proportion of their day. Once you have identified these groups, get the 30-day free trial of Colligo Contributor, and assess the benefits with real people at your firm.

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