Colligo News7 Ways to Get More from SharePoint #3 – Designate a “Go To” Person for SharePoint

This is the fourth post in the series I’m doing here on the OfflineSharePoint blog. The last post was on Embracing the “Seamless Teamwork” Approach.

With the SharePoint software installed, business value can start to flow as soon as you align the use of SharePoint with the technical capabilities that are available. This requires consultation with different business groups about how they get their work done today, and follow-on analysis of how and where work process can be improved. This type of analysis is not generally what IT is good at, so you need to find and designate someone (or multiple someones) to form the bridge between the SharePoint group in IT and the business groups wanting to use SharePoint. Let’s call them a “business process improvement analyst”, or for short, the “go to” person for SharePoint. And for your firm, there may already be such a group in existence—it’s time to co-opt their help with understanding what SharePoint can do to help improve business performance.

The goal with having a go to person for SharePoint is that it puts a face on the technical capabilities of SharePoint. The individual concerned is able to explain to business groups in business terms how business processes and work practices can be improved with SharePoint, and then translate the business requirements into technical requirements for the IT group.

What’s the next action? Look at the staff currently working in IT, and see if you have a natural boundary spanner on the payroll. If you do, refocus them on being the bridge between the capabilities of SharePoint and the possibilities and opportunities for applying SharePoint in the business groups. They will need training and mentoring to grow into this new role, as well as introductions to others inside the business.

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