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Response has been strong since we launched Colligo Reader and Colligo Contributor in the spring of this year. Now that there is a critical mass of users of the Colligo for SharePoint products, we felt that it was time to survey our customers. We learned a lot about the nature of SharePoint deployments at their organizations, their plans for future upgrades, how they are using our products, how they like them and what features they will be looking for in the future.

Some of the results we received were surprising to us. We thought they might be interesting to others, so over the next while I’ll post some of them here.

In this post I’ll talk about how the survey was conducted. In early August, we sent out email requests to a selection of our end users. About 130 people from over 100 different companies responded. We use a tool called QuestionPro to do our surveys and by all accounts it performed pretty well. The survey consisted of 13 multi-part questions.

Many of the respondents were from the IT departments of their companies which makes sense since they are generally the primary interface point for software vendors. About 50% of respondents classified themselves as either being in IS or tech support. The other 50% were end users, with the largest being consultants (22%), followed by operations (8%), sales & marketing (7%), finance & HR (2%) and other (11%). So the offline need for SharePoint is spread across several departments.

Next up, I’ll post some interesting things we learned about SharePoint adoption within our customers organizations.

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