Colligo NewsOpening up Colligo Engage for custom app development.

Since we launched the Colligo Engage app platform last October, we’ve been thrilled to see so many organizations choose our solution to help them improve usage of their SharePoint and Office 365 systems for content sharing and filing.

The platform is designed to make it easy for users to work with sanctioned enterprise content management systems from their device of choice. We offer native apps for iOS, Mac, Windows and Outlook so users can quickly access SharePoint content no matter where they are.

In order to do this securely and provide a productive work experience, we re-designed and refined our core sync technology and continued to invest in optimizing the user experience.

Now, with all the “plumbing” in place, we’re ready to take the Colligo Engage platform another step forward. We’re giving you access to our platform to rapidly develop custom apps to meet your unique needs.

Here’s a bit more about the capabilities of our technology:

SmartSyncing and Offline Caching

Colligo’s SmartSyncing technology is built to take the burden off end users in pre-selecting content to be used offline. Based on a “set it and forget it” philosophy, sync parameters can be set by IT administrators or end users to make sure content is available whenever and wherever it is needed.

  • Cache content to keep offline, reduce bandwidth and improve performance
  • Synchronize content to maintain data integrity between app versions and server versions
  • Have control over content syncing by choosing how it is synced: by an individual user, by an administrator or through context aware sync
  • Resolve sync conflicts automatically when content is changed while offline

Securely Sync to Multiple Repositories

Colligo technology securely brings together content from a variety of locations and types and presents it to users through a “single pane of glass.” By presenting only the files and documents that are relevant to users, Colligo eliminates user confusion and supports productive work.

With a provider-based extensibility model built in the Colligo Engage sync engine, adding additional messaging or content back-ends are part of our forward-looking roadmap.


Create Custom Apps Using the Colligo Extensibility Framework

Our core platform allows for the rapid development of new apps needed to meet various customer scenarios:

  • Easily create new business-specific apps on top of the Colligo sync engine to enable your workers to do their job as easily as possible.
  • Integrate the configuration of your apps into site provisioning workflows to enable users to have the right content in the right apps from the start.


Provisioning to LOB Apps

Governance doesn’t start and stop at the app level. With the Colligo Engage Console and apps, content can be managed and monitored on all devices from a centralized location to ensure compliance while keeping your end-users happy.

  • Centrally configure settings for which content users can receive on their devices
  • Monitor user activities with the content
  • Manage application functionality through policies


We’re still in the early stages of our developer program but we want to hear from you to find out how you envision using our SDK.

If you’re interested, leave us a comment or email our product manager directly:


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