Colligo NewsKMWorld Video – Learn How to Increase Productivity AND Information Governance

Last week, KMWorld hosted a webinar on how to “Increase Productivity with Collaboration.” As guest speaker, I discussed the need for today’s enterprises to balance worker empowerment with information governance within a highly digitized workplace, which Gartner defines as:

… a business strategy to boost employee agility and engagement through a consumerized environment.”

Highly governed roles – like lawyers, engineers, pilots and many others – use smart phones, tablets, and consumer apps. They have the same expectations as any information worker to stay connected to their work, on any device, with easy-to-use business apps, to be productive anywhere. But enterprises need to empower these professionals while keeping corporate data secure, preventing data loss and ensuring regulatory compliance. Hitting the right balance is the key to success for both workers and the enterprise.

Gartner suggests that exploiting new technologies first can result in a competitive advantage – we’re certainly seeing that with our customers on their digital transformation journey. But empowering governed roles requires the right strategies and tools. I invite you to play the 30-minute recording to learn how to solve 3 of today’s digital transformation challenges:

How is digital transformation empowering collaboration and driving productivity in your enterprise? Please comment below:

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