Colligo NewsIs ‘EFSS’ The Next Stage In Mobile Collaboration Software Evolution?

next-stage-mobile-collaboration | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock need mobile collaboration software and document management tools to do their jobs. Many organizations, meanwhile, want to encourage mobile productivity, while keeping company data safe. Unfortunately, a lack of suitable enterprise-grade mobile applications often drives people to use unauthorized consumer apps to accomplish work tasks.

This problem is especially prevalent in document management as employees resort to tools like Dropbox for sharing files with colleagues, according to a CMSWire article. In doing so, people put their company at risk for lost business, leaked information and litigation.

As a result, we’re seeing a new emphasis on developing “enterprise file sync and share” (EFSS) products. By the end of 2014, CMSWire predicts “most organizations will have either selected an EFSS solution or will have reached an acceptable usage policy with consumer file sync and storage products within their organizations.”

While these EFSS solutions may represent the next step in the evolution of mobile collaboration software, organizations should choose the mobile technology and security protection that’s appropriate for the business context. In some cases, allowing employees to use consumer apps with guidance and oversight may be the better document management solution.

Ironically, while we might currently perceive a shortage of secure document management solutions, there’s also a danger of having too many options. As enterprise mobile collaboration software evolves and gains popularity, CMSWire cautions that the explosion of new “apps, cloud services, social tools and conferencing facilities” is likely to trigger a “deluge of updates and notifications originating from a growing list of disconnected applications and services” that make it difficult for users to see the big picture.

While that may be true to an extent, it’s important to keep in mind that we’re also likely to see a convergence of collaboration and social tools, as well as apps that aggregate data from other apps. With social tools, for example, you might want to stay in touch with your top five vendors, but they prefer different platforms, so you have to work with multiple services. Eventually, however, those different platforms could be commoditized and aggregated into a single app, pulling updates from Yammer, Facebook and Twitter into a single app.

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Source: CMSWire, May 2014

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