Colligo NewsHow Could Mobile Apps Give Your Business A Competitive Advantage?

business-competitive-advantage | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock app usage has exploded over the past few years, so it only makes sense that such technology is reinventing how businesses operate.

As an article from reports, mobile apps are helping organizations to boost productivity and profits, while also taking a more focused approach to aligning business and IT.

Mobile apps and app stores are gaining influence and momentum within the business world,” says Jason McNicol, a senior analyst at ABI Research. “In many cases, they create a more flexible framework and a better way to control and manage enterprise content.”

With the rapid growth of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and consumerization trends — plus changes stemming from cloud computing and social media — “mobile apps are increasingly the glue that holds everything together,” the article notes.

That’s why more organizations are creating their own enterprise app stores. This allows employees to choose from a variety of approved apps that they need for their jobs. Do such stores offer the same breadth of options you’d find in, say, the Apple app store or Google Play? No, but enterprise app stores do provide employees with options, which they usually appreciate more than being provided a list of apps that they’re forced to use.

The key to successful enterprise apps is to keep them simple. Consumer apps have conditioned people to expect simplicity, purposefulness and ease-of-use. In other words, don’t develop an app with hundreds of features, most of which won’t be useful to the user.

Remember, mobile apps are designed to be used on small screens, so they shouldn’t be as complex as systems that run on a desktop computer. Keep that in mind to avoid the temptation of overloading apps with every feature possible.

Finally, another big reason that enterprises are embracing mobile apps is because they’re able to deliver highly-targeted and flexible features that grow with the business. No longer do companies have to spend years testing and evaluating software. With mobile apps, they’re able to quickly test new ideas and gain feedback.

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Source:, March 2014

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