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Who’s responsible for information governance? That is a good question. Information governance is, in fact, a team sport.

Governance, as expected, starts at the top with the board of directors. Generally, governance policies are established to serve business goals and manage risk. Governance is driven from the business and its strategic initiatives to ensure that information is used in an effective way.

While policies come from the board of directors, they can’t manage information governance alone.

Gartner has claimed the term “information stewards” as those who are actually responsible for managing the information once it gets into the organization. While the policies and the decision rights are driven from the Board of Directors on down—typically through the executives and process owners—information stewards are managing corporate information.

How can the success of governance initiatives be confirmed? Organizations need to be able to measure the effectiveness of those governance policies through an accountability framework, and quite often, that’s done through metrics that are driven up through the organization to ensure that information governance goals are being met. This is how the successful implementation of policies is confirmed.

I recently discussed this topic in the KM World webinar – Taking Information Governance to the Next Level. You can watch a short 2-minute video excerpt on the topic here:

More short clips from this KM World webinar are coming this month … or you can play the full webinar recording now.

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