Colligo NewsColligo Briefcase Enterprise Attacks Top Five Security Challenges of Mobile SharePoint Access – Part 1 of 5

Introduction: Security Concerns

The flood of iPads and iPhones into the enterprise brings huge productivity gains for the mobile workforce, but introduces a raft of security concerns for the IT department. The line between home and office, personal and corporate, has been blurred. Mobile devices with SharePoint access are attractive targets for attackers, as they can potentially gain access to an entire enterprise network.

This series of posts covers the top five questions executives are asking about secure mobile access to SharePoint, and outlines how they are addressed by Colligo Briefcase Enterprise.

Security sets Colligo Briefcase Enterprise apart from other mobile SharePoint products. We designed a solution that would be as easy-to-use as consumer file sharing tools, with the familiarity of SharePoint, and underpinned by enterprise-class security. Our goal was to make enterprise SharePoint content easy for mobile users to access, while ensuring that sensitive corporate data is encrypted, locked, and removable on demand.

Challenge #1: What happens when a mobile device is lost or stolen?

Briefcase has its own passcode access

In addition to the iOS passcode, Briefcase has its own separate passcode, which looks and behaves just like the usual iOS 4-digit passcode system. This can be enforced with Colligo Administrator.

Colligo Briefcase - passcode dialog

Passcode Protection

After 10 failed logins, content is auto-wiped

If someone attempts to break into Colligo Briefcase Enterprise by brute force, the app will auto-wipe all stored content after 10 failed login attempts. To avoid inadvertent auto-wipe for a legitimate user who has simply forgotten their password, each re-attempt is presented with increasing delay. Once a wipe is triggered, the data is immediately removed.

SharePoint content can be remotely wiped from the device

If a device is lost or stolen, an administrator can remotely wipe the SharePoint content from it. The wipe is triggered as soon as the device is online and establishes a link to receive a push notification. Note: This functionality is provided by a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system in conjunction with Colligo Briefcase Enterprise. Most MDMs will allow a selective wipe, enabling deletion of all corporate data, but leaving personal data intact. (This is most often used when an employee leaves the company, taking their personal device with them.)

A stolen device can also be remotely wiped through iCloud

If a device is stolen, it can also be remote wiped using iCloud (iOS5 only).

Next: How can I control access to SharePoint content?

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