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We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our Colligo Engage platform, a brand new approach to enterprise collaboration. Colligo Engage securely unites existing enterprise information systems such as SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business and Exchange through a suite of applications that deliver a seamless user experience across desktop and mobile devices. The platform also provides much needed control and visibility to IT via a new cloud service.

Our new mobile collaboration platform improves worker engagement, compliance and productivity with an organization’s sanctioned systems through a family of applications that are built around everyday tools that users know and love, such as Outlook, Windows Explorer, Mac Finder, phones and tablets.

Colligo Engage also features a powerful new cloud-based management and analytics center that provides IT with greater control and visibility over workers’ interactions with corporate content. This is crucial to guide decision-making and enforce compliance.

Today, many enterprises are in the process of moving to a more collaborative, mobile-enabled environment. CIO’s should be able to leverage their existing systems without having to replace their business processes or compromise security – that is the key need our new platform addresses.

Industry analysts have also outlined the need for solutions like Colligo Engage. In a recent report by 451 Research, Director of Research Alan Pelz-Sharpe comments: “Today, we have the promise of leveraging the cloud and installing lightweight applications on our own personally owned devices, providing anywhere, anytime access to any file or system. We say ‘promise’ because this is far from a reality for most enterprise workers today.”

This launch is the tip of the iceberg for Colligo so stay tuned as we continue to roll out connectors to more enterprise systems.

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