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Air Transat Video – How to Boost Mobile Productivity & Control

Can you think of an industry that’s more mobile than airlines? To prepare for flights, crew are working from their homes, shuttles, taxis, hotels, airports … and of course, they are working to impress passengers aboard flights. Making sure that the right information is available at the right time – even in “airplane” mode – is critical to the smooth operations of today’s commercial airlines.

If “digital transformation” is on your agenda for 2017, then exploring how airlines are empowering their employees is a great way to shed light on mobility best practices.

Last week, we learned how Air Transat “significantly redefined the way Flight Directors work with information!” In a live webinar hosted by IT Unity, Guy Garon, Vice President for Information Technology, and Martin Lachance, Director of IT Solutions at Air Transat shared how they eliminated paper-based processes by quickly using their existing SharePoint system and Colligo Engage to push crew documents and flight manuals to the iPads of flight directors, empowering them to create award-winning in-flight experiences.

The results?

  • With 16,000+ flights annually and 350+ Flight Directors, Air Transat saw major time savings.
  • Eliminating paper helped Air Transat to streamlined regulatory compliance.
  • Crew satisfaction was significantly increased as measured by a survey.
  • Flight Directors are now best prepared to deliver award-winning inflight experiences.

Air Transat is an award-winning holiday travel airline, world-renowned for customer excellence. Get an inside look at how Air Transat impresses their passengers and bolsters employee satisfaction by watching the 16-minute recording of the recent presentation by Guy and Martin:

In the webinar, Microsoft guest speaker Yannick Nadeau also shared 5 ways that you can extend SharePoint to add jet fuel to your mobility success. Play the entire webinar here!

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