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Using Azure Stream Analytics for Content Tracking and Governance


This is the first in a series of developer blog posts on Azure, analytics, and Big Data in the Colligo Engage cloud solution. The Colligo Mission The Colligo Engage platform collects and stores actions performed by users against content for engagement and governance analysis. For example, whenever files are synced to a device or a …

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Governance in the real-world. Did your pilot read the latest 787 manual before takeoff?


You just got on a plane to fly to a business meeting. It’s a new 787. Did your pilot read the most up-to-date manual before takeoff? To comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, airlines are required to provide proof that their pilots have opened the most current versions of their digital flight manuals. Colligo …

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Colligo’s client-side sync architecture for mobile content management supports better governance.

Law and Order in University Stone Building

Previously I talked about the advantages of a client-side sync architecture for mobile content management. Today, let’s explore the Colligo Engage platform, its powerful client-side sync engine, and how it helps enterprises enhance corporate governance. This diagram shows the individual components of the Engage Platform: In the middle are the apps that are sync-powered apps …

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Want to mobilize enterprise content? Let’s consider the pros and cons of 3 MCM architectures.


Mobile content management (MCM) is here, now. IT departments are working hard to aggressively mobilize enterprise content by rolling out more and more apps. In a recent report, Good confirmed major app growth: 70% of organizations use 2 or more mobile apps; Among those that have deployed apps beyond email, organizations deployed 3.21 apps on …

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7 Key Decisions in Mobile Content Management (MCM) Implementations.

7 Key Decisions in Mobile Content Management

Earlier, I mentioned our recent webinar “Enterprise Mobility: Awakening the SharePoint Force,” which featured guest speaker Chris Marsh, Research Director of Enterprise Mobility at 451 Research. During his presentation, Chris discussed 7 key decisions in mobile content management (MCM) implementations. He helped us evaluate the pros and cons of: #1. Mobile Content Management as function, …

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Defining the Mobile Content Management (MCM) Space.


As organizations continue investigating better ways to mobilize information workers, it’s important to consider mobile content management (MCM). Let’s take a look at the MCM market and how it might fit into your organization’s mobile strategy. MCM is actually the intersection of two large, rapidly growing mobile markets: The first is Enterprise Content Management or …

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Is your organization on track with current mobile content management (MCM) trends?


Mobility is definitely at or near the top of IT department agendas for 2016. In our recent webinar “Enterprise Mobility: Awakening the SharePoint Force” 451 Research mobility expert Chris Marsh and I discussed mobile content management trends and how MCM is gaining rapid market traction to empower information workers to be productive anywhere, while enabling …

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3 MCM Challenges That SharePoint Can Solve Now


As mobile content management gains rapid momentum, so grows the IT headaches. IT pros must find the right, delicate balance between productivity, security and governance. Imbalance can become very costly, while finding the right balance can accelerate enterprise success. The good news? If you already have SharePoint deployed in your organization for enterprise content management, …

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Join us March 29! Enterprise Mobility: Awakening the SharePoint Force


Enterprise mobility isn’t the next big thing anymore; it’s here now! Multiple forces have come together to make it a reality, but the challenges faced by IT have become more complex and critical to business success. From supporting field teams to unlocking mobile productivity for entire organizations, IT sits squarely at the core of mobile …

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Join us! How to use SharePoint to solve email management problems.


In 2016, email remains the predominant form of communication in business. However, mismanaged email can have serious consequences, such as content replication that make version control impossible, stranded data that creates information silos, and compliance risk from not properly storing important information contained in emails and attachments. Fortunately, you can take action now to prevent …

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