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Do You Have A Laser-Focused SharePoint Use Case?

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Like a Swiss Army knife, SharePoint has many different uses, which can be overwhelming to some users. This is especially true these days. An article from CMSWire notes that the release of SharePoint 2013 has prompted many companies to question whether they’re getting the most out of SharePoint. The key is to be laser-focused about your use case.

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Why Is Measuring ROI Key To Getting The Most Out Of SharePoint?

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The decision to invest in any type of enterprise software is often a big one, not only since it can be costly but because the choices made have a significant impact on how people do their jobs. That means determining return on investment (ROI) and putting together a business case for management is critical, an article from CMSWire reports.

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How Can Enterprises Provide A Great Mobile Experience?

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It’s increasingly important for organizations to provide a great mobile experience for their employees. An article from Information Age explains that the big challenge is for companies to keep pace with the rapid advancement of mobile technology in the consumer space while still meeting critical business requirements, such as adequate security.

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What Role Should Users Play In Information Governance And E-Discovery?

e-discovery-information-governance | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

E-discovery — the discovery phase in legal proceedings that involves electronic information — is likely to become increasingly important for businesses as the amount of such information continues to balloon, an article from CMSWire reports. Users can play a big part in good information governance as they put content into the system.

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What’s The Best Approach To Allowing Mobile Access To Your ECM?

mobile-ECM-access | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

An article from SearchContentManagement offers several enterprise content management (ECM) predictions for 2014. The importance of providing mobile access to the ECM system deserves special mention. Provide the capability to sync with corporate data directly onto the mobile device so there’s no need to sync to a third-party server to get mobility.

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How Does Enterprise Mobility Impact Productivity And Security?

enterprise-mobility-impact | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

More businesses are recognizing the importance of mobility in the enterprise. According to a survey from IFS highlighted in a TechRadar article, 76 percent of businesses have invested in mobility and applications aimed at employees. Third-party enterprise applications are enabling organizations to embrace mobility without sacrificing security.

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What Role Will BYOA Play In Enterprise Mobility?

BYOA-enterprise-mobility | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is presenting some great opportunities for companies to allow employees more flexibility in where and how they do their work. All the dust hasn’t settled from BYOD, but App Developer Magazine notes a related trend that companies should also be prepared to handle: bring-your-own-app (BYOA).

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4 SharePoint Lessons For The New Year

2014-sharepoint-trends | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

It was a whirlwind year for anyone involved with SharePoint and more excitement is likely in store for 2014. An article from CMSWire takes a look at the past year in the world of Microsoft collaboration tools, which also offers a lens through which to view the new year. There are four key SharePoint takeaways from 2013.

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What Makes A Solution Truly ‘Enterprise Grade’?

enterprise-grade-solutions | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

The need in the digital workplace for enterprise-grade tools as opposed to consumer-grade tools like Dropbox has been a topic of much discussion recently. But what exactly makes something “enterprise grade”? An article on delves into the many things necessary to create a truly enterprise-grade solution.

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Are You Taking Advantage Of Mobility And BYOD?

BYOD-mobile-access | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

People need access to business content from all kinds of locations, and they need to be able to use a range of devices far beyond the typical desktop PC. Mobile support is vital for improving user adoption. Mobile users must be able to create and edit documents, participate in discussions and manage tasks, an article from InformationWeek explains.

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