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2015 AIIM Report Highlights Gaps Stalling Success of SharePoint ECM Projects

The new 2015 AIIM SharePoint Industry Watch Report just came out. We’re pretty excited to see the results of a survey AIIM conducted with 422 IT professionals. Despite a positive increase in the use of SharePoint for enterprise content management (ECM) and document management (from 48% of organizations surveyed in 2012 to 60% today), only …

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Yes to SharePoint for Field Engineers!

Mobile SharePoint for Field Engineers and Technicians

We know that the demands on today’s field engineers are immense. They’re responsible for overseeing operations from start to finish, for maintaining worker safety while ensuring compliance with multiple regulatory requirements, and also for countless admin tasks and team management. Now consider what it’s like to effectively manage these tasks while on a remote land …

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Upcoming Webinar: 10 Expert Tips for Enterprise Document Sharing, Mobility & Control

Join us on October 30, 2014 at 8AM PDT / 11AM EDT for a webinar featuring Alan Pelz-Sharpe of 451 Research. Why attend? Enterprise collaboration is in crisis. Employees continue to use non-sanctioned systems, bring their own devices and rely on email to share files. The results are costly, inefficient, and fraught with security risks. Discover …

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Announcing Colligo Engage!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the launch of our Colligo Engage platform, a brand new approach to enterprise collaboration. Colligo Engage securely unites existing enterprise information systems such as SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business and Exchange through a suite of applications that deliver a seamless user experience across desktop and mobile devices. The platform …

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SharePoint at the Olympic Games with Colligo and IT Unity

For my latest webinar, I had the chance to collaborate with Microsoft Technologies Consultant, IT Unity CEO, and SharePoint MVP, Dan Holmes to discuss his key implementation of SharePoint during the NBC Olympic Winter Games at Sochi. I would like to thank all the participants from around the world for making this webinar our most …

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Do You Have Visibility Into The Applications Your Employees Are Using?

visibility-into-application | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Security is at the core of any strong IT strategy. But with the rise of cloud computing, mobility, social and bring-your-own-device (BYOD), it’s a struggle for IT decision-makers to stay in control, according to an article from What’s the key to regaining control over data? Provide an app-based mobile solution that people want to use.

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Why SharePoint Is Still A Swiss Army Knife

swiss-army-knife | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

An article from SharePoint Pro shows how the core reasons for using SharePoint remain largely unchanged over the past 10 years. The fact that SharePoint is a platform is why it continues to be so valuable to organizations. It’s like a Swiss Army knife in that it offers a variety of tools useful for completing many different tasks.

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Records Managers: How To Confidently Embrace Mobile And Cloud Technologies

embrace-mobile-cloud-technology | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

An article from Fierce Content Management reports that many records managers are concerned about the cloud and mobile technologies. They now must deal with employees wanting to bring their own devices into the enterprise environment. The key is to embrace an app-centric solution that engages end users while preserving security.

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3 Technologies That Make Governments More Efficient

make-governments-efficient | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

Governments have a reputation for lagging behind the private sector when it comes to adopting technology. But as they face pressure to operate more efficiently, governments are embracing many emerging technologies. An article from CMSWire highlights three of the top trends that Gartner expects to have a big impact on improving government efficiency.

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Hosting SharePoint In The Cloud? Consider These 3 Options

hosting-sharepoint-cloud | Photo Courtesy of ThinkStock

If you’ve decided to host SharePoint in the cloud, you have another decision to make — which hosting option is best for your business? It’s important to understand all of the hosting options available to you so you’re able to choose the one that’s the right fit for your technical needs and resources. An article from CMSWire breaks down three options.

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