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New Colligo Webinar – Tips and Tricks for Email Archiving with SharePoint (with Bob Mixon)

This is my We are really fortunate to have Bob Mixon, SharePoint MVP, and David Scott, Group Product Manager for SharePoint Solutions with Symantec, joining us for our next webinar on Wednesday, April 29th. This webinar will be packed with useful information about email archiving with SharePoint. As usual, we will maximize the content and minimize the sales pitch.

It’s absolutely free. You can register here. Hope you attend.

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Summary: Myths and Truths About Email Management with SharePoint

This is my sixth and last post in a guest series I’m doing here on “The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint.”. My last post was on SharePoint list scalability.

SharePoint is a great platform for managing email and attachments and has several advantages in the right scenarios. In addition to providing the capability to store, organize, and search for content, SharePoint enables email to become part of the content that is shared throughout the organization. This improves collaboration and content re-use. There are a number of alternatives for moving emails to SharePoint, including out-of-the box methods such as email-enabled lists, managed folders, and third party applications such as Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook. The key to success is building an architecture that is scalable, while making it easy for information workers to use.

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SharePoint for Collaboration: Business Impact Awards 2009

The Michael Sampson Company recently announced “The SharePoint for Collaboration: Business Impact Awards 2009 program”. As you may recall, Michael was the guest speaker at our last webinar titled “7 Ways To Get More From Your SharePoint Deployment Now”. Michael is also the author of “Seamless Teamwork: Using Microsoft SharePoint Technologies to Collaborate, Innovate, and Drive Business in New Ways” (Microsoft Press, 2009), a book that helps organizations envision how to support collaboration with SharePoint.

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Video: Information Rights Management Use With SharePoint And Office

More and more clients are discussing concerns around compliance and security that when you step back and think about it would more properly be addressed by a IRM solution. Here is an excellent video by Michael Gannotti explaining IRM for SharePoint and Office: .

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Driving Adoption

Eric Schupps a SharePoint MVP from Binary Wave, and a Colligo partner, posted a good article how to drive SharePoint adoption: .

As a #4 for Eric’s list, I would add that companies should consider quality 3rd party products, such as Colligo, to improve the user experience. 😉

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IT at GM

First and foremost was the sheer number of applications: "Killeen said GM eliminated 300 applications in 2008, reducing its corporate total from 2,200 to 1,900. Back in 1996, when Szygenda took the reins at GM, the application total was a budget-busting 7,000. At that time, Szygenda has estimated, GM had the highest IT costs per vehicle in the auto industry." This staggering number of applications speaks to the sheer complexity of the industry. Many of my clients these days are trying to simplify their software stack. When you layer all the various aspects of support, upgrades, patches, and interdependecies into 7,000 applications you can only imagine the headaches. Additionally, I will feel better about CIO's not calling me back right away – after all they might have 1k's of other sales reps calling!

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Colligo Truth #5 – Colligo Contributor has a number of optimizations to improve content retrieval performance, and supports default metadata at the folder level.

As part of our continuing series on email management in SharePoint, I wanted to comment on Joel Oleson’s last post on storing all emails and attachments in a single document library. As he points out, SharePoint lists can exhibit performance problems when they are used to store large numbers of items. Since Colligo Contributor is a client-based solution for storing and displaying SharePoint lists, it can often improve list rendering performance for users.

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BDC for Legal

Just stumbled upon an excellent introductory article on the Business Data Catalog (BDC) by Mark Gerow on Here is the link:

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SharePoint in the Legal Market

Colligo Contributor has strong traction in the professional services market (accounting, construction, legal, management consulting, architecture, etc.) This is not surprising given our rich history with the Workgroup Edition product in the audit space. More recently we have been picking up momentum in the legal vertical with the Contributor Outlook Add-In and we have released a case study with Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co.

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Myth #5: It’s better to keep all emails and attachments in one place, and then use metadata to search SharePoint content.

This is the fifth in a guest series I’m doing here on “The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint.”. My last post was on Managed Folders.

Storing all emails and attachments in a single document library is a common practice and popular method for personal storage, however this is not a recommended best practice for knowledge repositories. In SharePoint, document libraries require special information architecture because of performance degradation associated with lists that contain a large number of items.

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