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Myth #5: It’s better to keep all emails and attachments in one place, and then use metadata to search SharePoint content.

This is the fifth in a guest series I’m doing here on “The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint.”. My last post was on Managed Folders.

Storing all emails and attachments in a single document library is a common practice and popular method for personal storage, however this is not a recommended best practice for knowledge repositories. In SharePoint, document libraries require special information architecture because of performance degradation associated with lists that contain a large number of items.

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New Jobs Posted at Colligo

A couple of new postings went up on the Colligo careers page today. These are interesting opportunities for talented people that are looking to join a fast growing, and well known, member of the SharePoint ecosystem.

The jobs are:

Senior Software Developer
Solution Sales Professional

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Colligo Truth #4 – If you need to route emails and attachments to SharePoint, Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook can offer the capabilities of Managed Folders without the administrative overhead.

Happy Valentines Day! In our continuing series on email management in SharePoint, I wanted to expand on Joel Oleson’s last post on Managed Folders. Here I will present an alternative to Managed Folders that let’s you store emails directly in SharePoint – Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook.

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The SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon)

The SharePoint Technology Conference (SPTechCon)

I just returned from SPTechCon in San Francisco, CA last week (see: SPTechCon) and wanted to provide a brief summary and commentary.

The three day event was well run and more importantly well attended. For a conference of this type, 600+ attendees is a solid turn out. Contrary to the news headlines these days, there are still plenty of organizations with IT budgets to spend on SharePoint implementations, upgrades and third party products. Randy Halischuk, who runs our marketing department and I manned the booth for Colligo and we were very busy between sessions answering questions and introducing people to our technology.

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Upcoming Webinar: 7 Ways To Get More From Your SharePoint Deployment Now

We’re really excited about the upcoming webinar in February with consultant and author, Michael Sampson. As you can see, he just published a really interesting book on SharePoint, called “Seamless Teamwork”. I’m just reading it and plan to review it on this blog before the webinar.

Please join me on February 19th to hear Michael deliver some of the valuable content from his book live! The promo piece for the webinar is below:

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Myth #4: Managed Folders linked to SharePoint lists will solve all archiving needs.

Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2009 on the Offline SharePoint blog and the fifth in a guest series I’m doing here on “The Myths & Truths of Email Management with SharePoint.”. My last post was on SharePoint email-enabled lists.

The subject of this post is Managed Folders. Managed Folders were introduced in Exchange 2007 to provide administrators with an easy way for users to archive email. Any Managed Folder can be configured such that all emails sent to it are routed to SharePoint. It’s an incredibly insightful feature and when implemented properly can reduce mailbox sizes, while capturing the intended emails and attachments. When not implemented properly, Managed Folders can be abused, causing SharePoint to become a dumping ground.

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Colligo Truth # 3 – Users can move emails and attachments, and their associated custom metadata and content types to SharePoint with a simple drag-and-drop. IT overhead is very low.

Happy New Year. We had a terrific 2008, thanks in part to the terrific growth of the SharePoint market. Let’s hope 2009 is even better. I came across an interesting article by Dan Holme (SharePoint MVP), where he collects some of the 2009 SharePoint predictions from fellow MOSS MVPs.

Meanwhile… we are continuing the series of posts on the “Myths and Truths of Email Management with SharePoint”. In his last post, Joel Oleson discussed some of the pifalls of using email enabled lists in SharePoint. I wanted to expand on that a little further.

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Myth #3: A SharePoint deployment isn’t complete until you turn on email-enabled lists

This is the fourth post in a guest series I’m doing here on Email Management in SharePoint. The third post was Myth #2.

Emailing a post to a blog … very cool or archiving an Exchange Discussion List to a SharePoint list … super cool … but be careful. Email-enabled self service lists can easily get out of control. Microsoft IT, which loves to use nearly every feature of SharePoint, decided against using email-enabled lists.

Email-enabled lists can be a significant IT resource drain. Without the proper planning and management, AD objects will be created with archiving and no lifecycle. Contact account naming standards are another reason. IT doesn’t want to see random contacts in AD.

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Myth #2: Public Folders are dead

This is the third post in a guest series I’m doing here on Email Management in SharePoint. The second post was Myth #1.

In early 2006, the Exchange Team at Microsoft outlined their thoughts about the future of Public Folders in a blog post titled “Exchange 12 and Public Folders.” It was intended to let customers know that Microsoft was de-emphasizing Public Folders for certain applications, but many misunderstood this to mean that Public Folders were dead.

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Colligo Truth #1: Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook improves the adoption of SharePoint and quality of metadata


As Joel Oleson mentioned in his last post, it is really important to make an email management solution attractive to end users (to ensure it gets used), while providing a mechanism to set metadata (for search) and content type (for retention).

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