Records Management

Email Records Management in SharePoint

eDiscovery rules and recent court cases are clear: if your business is conducted by email (and whose isn’t?) then the content of your emails and attachments must be retained and managed, like any other record.

Failure to properly manage this communication can expose your organization to damaging and costly legal and regulatory consequences.

Colligo Engage enables your organization to solve your email records management challenges with enterprise-class email and document management solutions for desktop and mobile devices.

Easy filing options and rich metadata support make it easy to store email records in accordance with corporate and regulatory requirements. Federated Outlook/SharePoint search capabilities ensure accessibility during eDiscovery initiatives. Central management across desktop and mobile devices provides corporate-sanctioned access in the office and on the road.

For organizations that require a full-featured records management process inside SharePoint, Colligo works with many authorized partners who are certified Record Management vendors.

Your complete solution for SharePoint email records management

  • Allow users to easily tag, store, and manage content, including emails and attachments, directly from everyday tools like Outlook ,Windows Explorer and Mac Finder.
  • Access and manage SharePoint from Windows, Mac and iOS devices.
  • Centrally administer and enforce records management policies to ensure compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Support corporate governance through secure, centrally-enforced role- and policy-based SharePoint access.
  • Retain control over corporate content with secure support for mobile devices.
  • Easily migrate content from personal PSTs and file shares to SharePoint.
  • Define and centrally-manage custom metadata to support eDiscovery initiatives and retention policies.
  • Use SharePoint in-place records management for secure email records retention and disposition.
  • Reduce operating costs and systems complexity by consolidating email and document records management in SharePoint.
  • Drive adoption of SharePoint as your records management and archive system.
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Colligo and SharePoint case studies on Records Management

Records Management

Charter Communications | Software Provider Helps Companies Simplify Information Management and Reduce IT Costs

"[SharePoint Server 2010] enables interoperability with third-party software like Contributor Pro, and because of this, we can help organizations consolidate records and information management on a single system."

Records Management

Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs Group (LCA) | Microsoft Legal and Corporate Affairs Group Improves Document and Records Management with SharePoint 2010 and Colligo Contributor Pro

"Colligo allowed customer-facing users to access files on the road, making it easy to stay up-to-date."

Records Management

Watson Wyatt Worldwide | Global HR Firm, Watson Wyatt, Improves Enterprise Records Management with Colligo Contributor

"Colligo Contributor allows associates to easily access SharePoint content from within Outlook while supporting quick drag-and-drop actions for email management."

Records Management

Webcor Builders | Webcor Builders Improves Email Management With Colligo Email Manager

"Colligo Email Manager was the only solution that provided us with both the seamless integration between Outlook and SharePoint and the ease-of-use we required."

Colligo and SharePoint white papers on Records Management

SharePoint 2013 is the latest release of Microsoft’s leading business collaboration platform, offering exciting new features for social networking, cloud integration, content management, and collaboration.

Since its introduction, SharePoint has delivered valuable out-of-the-box functionality, and then relied on partners and customers to extend or customize SharePoint to meet specific needs, such as business processes, records management, industry vertical support, and compliance.

This whitepaper summarizes SharePoint 2013’s new capabilities, and highlights the key areas in which Colligo delivers substantive business value over out-of-the-box SharePoint 2013.

A guide to evaluating enterprise email management and secure mobile access for SharePoint.

The decision to purchase and implement enterprise software depends on the financial return on investment (ROI). If the solution does not add measurable value to your organization—with benefits clearly outweighing costs—then the purchase does not get approved.

This whitepaper will guide you through calculating the ROI for Colligo’s suite of SharePoint apps. It
enumerates the benefits of Colligo software, and shows how to express those benefits in dollars, to enable a calculation of your payback period.

On-Demand webinars

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Nishan DeSilva		Nishan DeSilva

SharePoint 2010: How Microsoft is Using SharePoint 2010 & Colligo Contributor for ECM & Records Management
Nishan DeSilva, Senior Director, Information Management & Compliance, Office of General Council, Microsoft

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