Optimize how Microsoft 365 connects with SharePoint

Make it easy to find information, work productively and collaborate faster.
All while getting ahead with records management.

Save Outlook emails directly to SharePoint

Email is where work starts for most Outlook clients. How do you keep employees productive? Equip employees to capture and save emails and email attachments directly to SharePoint with a simple click on any device, without leaving Microsoft Outlook.

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 | Products | Colligo
Colligo Document Manager for Office 365 | Products | Colligo

Search for and save Excel, Word and
PowerPoint files directly to SharePoint

Need to make project collaboration easier for your workforce? Give users the ability to search for, save and share links to SharePoint files right from Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Apply metadata and labels to emails and
documents for records management

How can you prepare for intensifying data compliance and record management governance using your existing Microsoft tools? Enable workers to add metadata and labels as they save emails, Excel, Word or PowerPoint files—all lightning fast.

Expertise | Sharepoint Mobile Apps | Colligo
Expertise | Sharepoint Mobile Apps | Colligo

Keep document libraries in sync

Working productively shouldn’t create havoc in your SharePoint document library. Colligo tools help keep content synced between Outlook email and all Microsoft 365 applications and your document library.

Needs We Address

We’re all in with Office 365 and are shifting to the cloud. We need to make it easy to access SharePoint data, support a mobile workforce and ready for Advanced Data Governance.

Colligo Impact

91% of Air Transat flight directors love accessing flight-critical content with Colligo.


We wanted to take advantage of our existing investment in SharePoint. We felt that the familiar, easy-to-use tools the SharePoint and Colligo provided would be readily accepted by users. We had very positive feedback. SharePoint content types and the Colligo metadata capabilities make records management compliance transparent to users.

Dan Vasey, Director of Records and Information Management

Simplify access. Contain IT costs

Colligo’s cloud-based tools enable businesses to get thеe most from their investment in Microsoft 365
subscription without increasing costs for IT management and maintenance.

Colligo Email Manager for Office 365 | Products | Colligo

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Seamless knowledge
and records capture to
SharePoint for your
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Search for, open, and save files to SharePoint right from Microsoft Office 365—with full metadata and label support

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