Colligo Email Manager

Powerful Windows app to drive SharePoint adoption, increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and mitigate corporate risk.

Seamless integration makes it simple to manage email and attachments in SharePoint, right inside Microsoft Outlook.

  • Improve collaboration, document management, and project management
  • Increase the quantity of content captured and tagged in SharePoint
  • Ensure mobile and remote productivity with offline access and powerful sync technology
  • Improve compliance and drive records retention
  • Reduce uncontrolled content in personal archives and PSTs
  • Drive SharePoint adoption with unparalleled ease-of-use
  • Supports SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 and SharePoint Online (Office 365)

If you do use SharePoint 2010, use Colligo for Outlook integration.

- Gartner, “Making SharePoint Deliver”


Drive SharePoint adoption and increase efficiency with seamless SharePoint-Outlook integration


Seamless Outlook integration

  • File email and attachments to SharePoint online and offline
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop, point-and-click within Outlook for filling emails &attachments to SharePoint
  • Use smart file naming: Sender, Date-Time, Subject
  • Conflict resolution for duplicate email/attachment upload
  • Automatically file email to SharePoint using Send-and-File
  • Background file upload so users can continue to use Outlook
  • Easily store items in the correct SharePoint location with ad-hoc filing for fast navigation of any size folder hierarchy
  • Automatically save email to SharePoint using Outlook rules
  • Declare email records using SharePoint’s in-place records management


Increase compliance and streamline collaboration with industry-leading metadata capabilities

  • Automatically tag email with 22 common properties, such as “To”, “From”, “Subject”, and “Sent Date”
  • Custom metadata support for all major SharePoint metadata types, including enterprise managed metadata (taxonomies and keywords), & person/group metadata
  • Use custom metadata to categorize email according to regulatory or organizational requirements
  • Support individual or bulk metadata tagging for multiple files upload


Drive compliance with metadata


Powerful sync for up-to-date content


Colligo’s powerful sync technology ensures up-to-date content and easy conflict resolution.

  • Select specific libraries and folders for upload only or offline use
  • Synchronize automatically or manually to ensure latest content
  • View and manage SharePoint content and email while offline


Improve discoverability and accelerate business processes with federated search


Outlook and SharePoint search

  • Search Outlook and SharePoint sites simultaneously
  • Search on specific email metadata fields (e.g. To, Subject) or customer metadata
  • Support for keyword, FAST and SQL search
  • Share search results by sending a link to an item’s SharePoint location or attach the item
  • Search SharePoint for email, email metadata, documents, images and more from a search pane within Outlook


View SharePoint content online and offline


View SharePoint content within Outlook, simply by clicking any SharePoint folder in the Outlook folder tree.

  • Browse, open and view files, lists and any other SharePoint content from within Outlook
  • View SharePoint content and access to SharePoint features such as check-in, check-out within Outlook, online and offline
  • SharePoint libraries and folders are represented as folders in the Outlook folder tree; familiar Outlook experience



Streamline collaboration, reduce storage costs, and promote SharePoint for enterprise content management


Streamline collaboration

  • Email attachments as link to prevent multiple copies of the same content
  • Share SharePoint documents with fast, right click access to ‘send as attachment’ and ‘send as link’
  • Copy SharePoint content URL for collaboration


Add quick access icons to the Outlook ribbon for websites, social networking sites, and web applications, inside Outlook.


  • Access web apps, including social networks such as Yammer, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, without leaving Outlook
  • Customize Outlook ribbon with links to frequently-visited sites
  • Centralized IT administration and control, by user or department
  • Configurable icons, names, and groups
  • Group URLs according to business or project needs

Colligo Administrator

Increase IT efficiency and reduce costs with centralized administration.


  • Centrally administer SharePoint sites, folders, and favorites
  • Support corporate governance initiatives with secure, centrally-enforced role- and policy-based SharePoint access
  • Ensure appropriate access with configuration on a per-user or departmental basis
  • Manage other web application URLs in groups according to business or project needs

Virtualization and Hot-Desking

Colligo Email Manager supports Citrix XenDesktop and Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) for multi-user, multi-session scenarios. A separate license is required.