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Oil and gas document management system & email solutions

Empower your team to capture & tag content to SharePoint and find content quickly

Your project success is driven by effective collaboration and accurate data.

Complex projects such as building and maintaining plants and refineries, require that critical information be readily accessible, to enhance your decision-making abilities, mitigate corporate risk, and streamline oil and gas operations. Colligo ensures that your project-related content — including emails, project documentation, and safety and maintenance data — is properly captured, tagged and stored in SharePoint and can be located and shared quickly.

Our oil and gas data management software lets you leverage your investment in Microsoft 365. Our easy-to-use add-ins for SharePoint enable compliant email and content management. Your team can stay in their Microsoft applications — like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams — while accessing SharePoint seamlessly to file content according to oil and gas records management policy or government regulations.

Mobile software for oil and gas industry

Securely push content to field workers’ devices, online or offline, so they can access critical information quickly and your organization can mitigate risk. Enabling your remote and mobile work force with up-to-date access to SharePoint documents allows your organization to get even more from your Microsoft 365 investment.

Over 25 service and energy utility companies—and 4 of the top 5 oil and gas corporations in the world—use Colligo software today.

Benefits for Oil & Gas Professionals

Drive collaboration

between project stakeholders by ensuring project-related email and documents are readily accessible in SharePoint

Save time

searching for content by surfacing up-to-date information fast

Improve document control

and store email with other project-related content such as Office documents, CAD drawings, invoices, permits, work orders, and other documentation

Provide real-time access

to current safety regulations and other important documentation, even to remote or offline contractors or globally dispersed teams

Synchronize SharePoint content

to offsite employees located on rigs, ships, or in the field

Reduce risk and liability

by ensuring regulatory compliance with policies and standards

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