M365 apps for your government content management system

Capture, classify, store & access government records

Make SharePoint more usable and accessible – from Outlook, Teams, or the web browser.

Ensure your emails and electronic records are appropriately managed, tagged, stored, and accessible for discovery. Colligo’s records management software for government allows your team to stay in their Microsoft applications – like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams – while accessing SharePoint seamlessly to file and access content according to legislative, government, and departmental policy.

Colligo SharePoint add-ins give you a complete, user-friendly content management system. Manual and auto-applied metadata, often a requirement in many government branches and agencies, empowers staff to search and find content quickly, creating efficiencies and savings in government document management.

Multiple repositories for government document storage can be costly to maintain. Leverage your investment in Microsoft 365 by using SharePoint plus Colligo for efficient and compliant records management.

Benefits for Government Teams

Save money and maximize ROI

by driving adoption of SharePoint as your government records management and archive system, and consolidating legacy systems

Drive collaboration

and informed decision making by ensuring government staff have up-to-date access to emails and documents in a single repository

Simplify compliance

with legislative, government, and departmental requirements; easily classify email and other content creation with standard and departmental-specific metadata

Save time and enhance productivity

of remote and in-office teams by enabling quick search and discovery of documents

Share from anywhere

and enable real time document and record sharing via a desktop or mobile device

Work in Teams, Outlook, or a web browser

and facilitate document capture and retrieval from email and government systems in accordance with retention policies

Centrally administer

agency-, role- or user-specific access to SharePoint content

Protect confidential information

with centrally managed access and permissions

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